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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details. Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. 310: Commitment. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #310 (August 31, 2007) Next > >| Commitment: Title text: Could be worse. The last guy in that situation fell for one of the transient trumpeting angels. Explanation . In the first panel, Cueball proposes to a woman. 46: Secrets. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #46 (January 6, 2006) Next > >| Secrets: Title text: I'm a big fan of Kurt Halsey: Explanation . This comic addresses the issue of commitment-phobic partners who get into relationships but get cold feet when it starts to get serious. The girl wants someone who can see every part of who she is and.

Could be worse. The last guy in that situation fell for one of the transient trumpeting angels. |< <? > > Retrieved from https://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title=Commitment&oldid=3574 584: Unsatisfied. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #584 (May 15, 2009) Next > >| Unsatisfied: Title text: Forever comparing, never evaluating on any external scale. If you were a sort function, you'd never break the nlogn barrier. Explanation . Cueball is trying to decide if he wants to stay with Ponytail who he is currently dating or leave.

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r/xkcd: /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/xkcd. log in sign up. User account menu. 322. xkcd 310: Commitment. XKCD. Close. 322. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. xkcd 310: Commitment. xkcd.com. I think the problem with the analogy is that the pool of willing partners is not constant. There is significant aging (maturation) in the amount of time it would take to date and reject 37% of the original pool of willing partners Commitment is the 310th xkcd comic. Could be worse. The last guy in that situation fell for one of the transient trumpeting angels

12: Poisson. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #12 (December 22, 2005) Next > >| Poisson : Title text: Poisson distributions have no value over negative numbers: Explanation . Cueball expresses himself as a Poisson distribution. A Poisson distribution is a distribution that shows the probability of a given number of events occurring in a fixed. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search. This is my greatest fear. 00:15, 6 May 2013‎ (UTC) (please sign your comments with ~~~~) Totally agree --SergioCastanneda 21:48, 24 May 2013 (UTC) Disagree. There is no true one. You join in commitment and make it work. Because, even if there was a true one, what if the one mucked up, and didn't pick her true. 'But you're using that same tactic to try to feel superior to me, too!' 'Sorry, that accusation expires after one use per conversation.' |< <? > >

310: Commitment - explain xkcd

The sievert (symbol: Sv) is a derived unit of ionizing radiation dose in the International System of Units (SI) and is a measure of the health effect of low levels of ionizing radiation on the human body. The sievert is important in dosimetry and radiation protection, and is named after Rolf Maximilian Sievert, a Swedish medical physicist renowned for work on radiation dose measurement and. A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Comics: (Hover mouse over title to view publication date) Garbage Math Coronavirus Charts RIP John Conway Thermometer New Sports System Homemade Masks Scenario 4 Collector's Edition Pathogen Resistance 6-Foot Zone Recurring Nightmare Sabotage Exa-Exabyte Coronavirus Worries Coronavirus Research 2010 and 2020 Symptoms Scientific Briefing.

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube xkcd. The blag of the webcomic Odd Temporal Milestones. Posted by Randall 2012-09-29 387 Comments on Odd Temporal Milestones. The first Star Trek episode aired closer in time to the ratification of the 19th Amendment—guaranteeing women in the US the right to vote—than to today. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Related. Posted by Randall 2012-09-29 Posted in.

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I will be in Ireland this Saturday, at SkyCon at the University of Limerick. I'm guessing they found me through my LimerickDB project, which may not be what they think it is. Since they rejected my original idea for a talk, which was based on John Cage's 4'33 I will be talking about doing internet comics for a living, and related subjects such as frozen pizzas and MarioKart Since last night I've been obsessively connecting to Omegle.It's a simple site that just connects you to a random person, anonymously, for a conversation.It feels like that scene in Fight Club where the narrator sits down next to Tyler on the plane. Two strangers meeting, laying out their personality and sizing each other up in Skip to content. xkcd. The blag of the webcomic Omegle. Posted. It's been difficult to come up with 1000 words to write about for each one, but I committed to maintaining this blog when Carl abandoned it, and I always stick to my commitments. But even having written 1000 words about each XKCD comic for many years, I don't think I could tell you anything about any of them. But that won't be true of this one. This one will stick in my memory. This is the. Regular readers will be aware that I am always keen to take suggestions for topics for pages of puns, so based on such a request, here are some CIO jokes. Just in case any of you are not familiar with the jargon, CIO means Chief Information Officer, or the person leading the technology division of a large company. As normal, these come with no commitment to originality or hilarity

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xkcd. The blag of the webcomic MIT Talk. Posted by Randall 2007-05-16 175 Comments on MIT Talk (Note: Firefox crashed just as I was finishing this post. This is a terse recreation, as I'm about to collapse.) I gave a talk at MIT yesterday (now the day before yesterday). It was wonderful. I had never really done this kind of thing before, but it went so much better than I expected. I had. This week, absurd advice from XKCD's Randall Munroe, and a conversation with climate lawyer turned activist Farhana Yamin. Download MP3. See transcript. In this episode: 00:46 How to do things. So you want to reform democracy. Joshua Tauberer . Follow. Nov 23, 2015 · 12 min read [Note: This post was translated into French by Thomas Champion.] Hello. You probably just wrote me an email. Why your technology stack is important. So your app is built on your tech stack. It sounds important, but why is understanding it such a big deal? Trying to learn about it can be intimidating, especially if you're an ideas person and not a developer. But technology used in web application development can have a big effect on how your app works and how it will behave in the future. For. is that if not kept they always looks a little weird. Therefore I pulled all my very very old posts from this site and this means - at least for now - you have to live with this placeholder

46: Secrets - explain xkcd

  1. Rumor has it that google quicky get bored of their projects and were thinking about deprecating search. What was the xkcd abut google dns again
  2. Tag Archives: commitment. Engage(d) 4 Nov. It seems this fall that engagements are almost an epidemic in my life. Perhaps there is some sort of water being passed out, or maybe they had a great deal on rings at Kohl's or something. Or maybe Tom Shane has just succeeded at wearing everybody down like some sort of bored Urkel? (In case you were wondering about the voice who's wearing you.
  3. I humbly submit my two cents: I agree with the comic. I've actually been thinking about this a lot lately. This is what we call the sunk cost fallacy or escalation of commitment. It's usually a mistake to think that just because you've already invested a lot of time/money/effort in to something already, you should be compelled to see it through. In fact you only get one life and not a lot of.

r/xkcd: /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/xkcd. log in sign up. User account menu. 413. xkcd 1484: Apollo Speeches. XKCD. Close. 413. Posted by. u/roastedlasagna... 4 years ago. Archived. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in subreddit author:username find submissions by username site:example.com find submissions from example.co 772 - Haley's Commitment. 771 - Also, Chib Would Have Been Acceptable. 770 - Hard Time. 769 - Because Really, That Would Be Less Improbable. 768 - +2 Embracers. 767 - And Yes, There is a Santa Claus. 766 - Breaking In is Hard to Do. 765 - The Love of Money. 764 - Small Talk. 763 - Plotting Something. 762 - Just Trying to Help. 761 - Advanced.

Sliding vs Deciding: Scott Stanley&#39;s Blog: Know YourA RANDALL MONROE FANXKCD: The best Comics about Love / Romance | stefanmesch

High school classroom specific XKCD comic recommendations needed! Close. 36. Posted by. u/Dragonbaq. 7 years ago. Archived. High school classroom specific XKCD comic recommendations needed! I'm teaching the beloved summer school from June-August. I'd love to have XKCD comics in my classroom, specifically about modern world history or teen life. If you have a relevant favorite, I'd love to know. Learn the translation for 'regrets' in LEO's English ⇔ German dictionary. With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and relevant forum discussions free vocabulary traine

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xkcd. The Best of XKCD. Back to Homepage Duty Calls How it works The Drake Equation Mobius Battle Forgetting Real Programmers Post Office Showdown Fight Success Network Python Couple Nerd Sniping Mattress Priorities Tapping Exploits of a Mom Turing Test Getting Out of hand Ballmer Peak 28-Hour Day Loud Sex Fixed Width Wikipedian Protester RTFM Commitment Alice and Bob Angular Momentum. 9 of the Best Infographic Design Examples. Whether you're looking for general design inspiration or a few fresh content ideas, here are some of our favorite infographics, plus a few tips on how to put infographics to work for you. 1) A Well-Balanced Blog by LinkedIn. As the market becomes saturated with infographics, finding unique and creative ways to rise above the noise is essential. This. Creating and sending a commitment Once the patch is completed we can create a commit that can be included in the repository. We must keep in mind that we need to give it a good short title. git commit -m Fixes problem with OpenGL driver on AMD cards git push --set-upstream origin opengl_fi

How to Write a Git Commit Message. Posted 31 Aug 2014 · revision history. Introduction | The Seven Rules | Tips. Introduction: Why good commit messages matter. If you browse the log of any random Git repository, you will probably find its commit messages are more or less a mess. For example, take a look at these gems from my early days committing to Spring: $ git log --oneline -5 --author. Our commitment to privacy; Subscribe to our mailing list! The Blog; RM 0.00 0 items; Home / Non-Fiction / Science / What If. What If. RM 54.90. Author: Randall Munroe ISBN: 9781848549562 Format: Paperback Publisher: John Murray Publishers. In stock. What If quantity. Add to cart. SKU: 9781848549562 Categories: Humour, Science. Description Description. From the creator of the wildly popular.

Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, Bloomberg quickly and accurately delivers business and financial information, news and insight around the world Jake Orlowitz (User:Ocaasi) founded The Wikipedia Library and ran it from 2011-2019. By the time he left the program at the Wikimedia Foundation, TWL had a half-million dollar budget and 6-person team on 4 continents. Through The Wikipedia Library, Jake developed partnerships with 70 leading scholarly publishers to provide free access to 100,000 scholarly journals and reference texts. 25,000.

New to Comic Rocket? Comic Rocket is a growing index of 39,795 online comics. We link to creators' sites exactly as they're meant to be shown. Dive through the archives or read the latest page, and Comic Rocket will keep track of where you left off. Join Comic Rocket Dismiss this message. Making xkcd Slightly Worse. Read. 0/89. Updated: 2019-10-31. Add to My Comics Read Random Edit. Code Review Best Practices. Palantir . Follow. Mar 4, 2018 · 12 min read. The Internet provides a wealth of material on code reviews: on the effect of code reviews on company culture, on formal.

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Math, Science, Engineering: http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/angular_momentum.jpg (162) http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/sandwich.png (149) http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/wright. Tag Archives: commitment issues F Minus. Nov13. To visit the original site for this comic strip, click the image. Leave a comment Posted in F Minus Tagged asteroid, collide, comic, comic strip, commitment, commitment issues, distraction, F Minus, picnic, relationship, serious talk Wizard of Id . Jul1. To visit the original site for this comic strip, click the image. Leave a comment Posted in. Go from Prototype to Product Quickly. Intel® System Studio is a cross-platform tool suite that simplifies application development for systems and IoT devices, boosts application performance and power efficiency, and helps strengthen system reliability for smart, connected devices The PHD Movies are the film adaptations of the comic strip Piled Higher and Deeper by Jorge Cham. The films take a smart and humorous look at the world of Academia through the eyes of four grad students, and features real academics (including several MacArthur Geniuses and a Nobel Prize winner!) in many of the roles. They were made possible by the incredible efforts of volunteers and the. So this post has it all: intrigue, excitement, and a commitment to the future of the web! Archiving the gems of the web. The goal for this tutorial is to create a distributed web 'clone' of the xkcd website. We're going to use IPFS to fetch images from an archive of xkcd comics, and display them in a form familiar to fans of xkcd

The Principle of Least Astonishment (PoLA) is an important factor in user interface design and software design. Defined in the 1980's, it dates back to the early days of modern computing. This principle effectively outlines one of the fundamental tenets of human-computer interaction (HCI). The Principle of Least Astonishment postulates, if a necessary feature ha(s) a high astonishment. xkcd is a highly successful webcomic, created by Randall Monroe Tag: commitment This weeks top topic - What I learned by reading Elon Musk biography last week. The new session time of 5:30-6:30 seems to be working fine. The Lean Coffee crew might try some other meeting times and durations, let's see what our A/B testing turns up. Our proposed topics this week are below. The topics in bold were actually discussed. We also took notes this session. Eine Korrelation (mittellat. correlatio für Wechselbeziehung) beschreibt eine Beziehung zwischen zwei oder mehreren Merkmalen, Zuständen oder Funktionen. Die Beziehung muss keine kausale Beziehung sein: manche Elemente eines Systems beeinflussen sich gegenseitig nicht, oder es besteht eine stochastische, also vom Zufall beeinflusste Beziehung zwischen ihnen I think this one is pretty good: Angular Momentum (alt-text: With reasonable assumptions about latitude and body shape, how much time might she gain them? Note: whatever the answer, sunrise always comes too soon. (Also, is it worth it if she.

310 - Commitment; 311 - Action Movies; 312 - With Apologies to Robert Frost; 313 - Insomnia; 314 - Dating Pools; 315 - Braille; 316 - Loud Sex; 317 - That Lovin' Feelin' 318 - Nostalgia; 319 - Engineering Hubris; 320 - 28-Hour Day; 321 - Thighs; 322 - Pix Plz; 323 - Ballmer Peak; 324 - Tapping; 325 - A-Minus-Minus; 326 - Effect an Effect; 327 - Exploits of a Mom; 328 - Eggs; 329 - Turing Test. Comic by xkcd. There are plenty of things to worry about in development. Wondering if the bash script you wrote just erased everything you did shouldn't be one of them. There aren't clear sub menu steps most of the time, and CLIs often aren't documented well, so typing HELP doesn't actually help when you need it most. You end up going. A password generation inspired by xkcd. Contribute to thialfihar/xkcd-password-generator development by creating an account on GitHub

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Free speech is more than a Faustian choice of whether governments or corporations set the limit of our discourse. RE: xkcd #1357 free speech. 09 September 2014 by Drew Crawford Published in: comics, rants Tags: free speech, xkcd 1 comment . 1 2 3. In early English history the right to freedom of speech only applied within the four walls of Parliament. In 1689, William and Mary. The CAP theorem is also called Brewer's Theorem, because it was first advanced by Professor Eric A. Brewer during a talk he gave on distributed computing in 2000. Two years later, MIT professors Seth Gilbert and Nancy Lynch published a proof of Brewer's Conjecture. The 'CAP' in the CAP theorem, explained. Let's take a detailed look at the three distributed system. Last updated on October 3, 2019 Plutora Blog - Release Management Lean Software Development and the 7 Principles That Drive It Reading time 6 minutes. A primary goal of software development teams is delivering valuable features and products as quickly and effectively as possible.One way they can optimize how quickly they deliver software is by leveraging methodologies such as lean

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Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided, however, by citing sources. Simply acknowledging that certain material has been borrowed and providing your audience with the information necessary to find that source is usually enough to prevent plagiarism. See our section on citation for more information on how to cite sources properly A Game of Commitment scores. chridd » Forum games » A Game of Commitment. Showing scores up to flicky1991 on Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:14 am UTC (page 55). Updates are currently disabled because the xkcd forums are offline and I don't know if or when they'll be online again. You can still see the scores as of the most recent successful update, and.

From the creator of the wildly popular webcomic xkcd, hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask . Millions of people visit xkcd.com each week to read Randall Munroe's iconic webcomic. His stick-figure drawings about science, technology, language, and love have an enormous, dedicated following, as do his deeply researched answers to his fans. Graphic Medicine is a site that explores the interaction between the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare. We are a community of academics, health carers, authors, artists, and fans of comics and medicine I don't know all the details of how this works, but I have done a bit of research and experimentation. The meat of the script is in the line beginning with do dd.You may have seen dd used to copy one disk to another, but in this case, it is used to generate one block of random characters with dev/urandom.The feedback messages from dd are stripped out, and then the characters are passed on to. Darf nur leider keiner seinem Chef zeigen, wenn der das nächste mal vom nötigen commitment spricht. Filed under: Allgemeines | Leave a Comment Schlagwörter: comic, comics, dilbert. Wenn man seinen Job zu gut macht . 12Sep08. Der neue Dilbert. Spot on tbfh! Filed under: Allgemeines | Leave a Comment Schlagwörter: comic, comics, dilbert, netznews, spassig, ziele. Valid Measurement of.

2019 UPDATE: Since this post came out, I co-authored a book about it called Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models. You can order it now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Indiebound. Around. XKCD STDs. #Invitations; #geeky weddings; #save the date; #xkcd; Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Feb 25 2010) Megan Finley Horowitz meggyfin. Okay fellow geeks and nerds, get ready to be super stoked about these XKCD save-the-dates made byJordan! Boomdeyada So here's our Save the Date — we're just e-mailing it (my future husband did a great job of figuring out how to get to it to go in the. xkcd vs. The New Yorker. 01/28/09. For many symmetry readers, it would be an insult to introduce you to xkcd comics. But, we thought we'd point out the cartoon-off between xkcd illustrator Randall Munroe and The New Yorker cartoonist Farley Katz. And, if you missed it, the New York Times featured a story on xkcd last May. The stick-figure comic strip about life and love in the digital age. xkcd archive. Contribute to binarez/xkcd_archive development by creating an account on GitHub Take Quality Work From Us And Pay What You Think import essay xkcd Is Appropriate For A Cheap Essay Service! Let us imagine this scenario. You are given an assignment by your professor that you have to submit by tomorrow morning; but, you already have commitments with your friends for a party tonight and you can back out xkcd best thesis defense is a good offense Writing Service OffersIf you need help writing essay, our academic writing service is the best place to.Regardless of the format of your paper, we xkcd best thesis defense is a good offense want to make our price rate reasonable

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